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When someone is extremely ill or a loved one has just passed away, it can be an emotional experience. It is not a good time to make estate planning decisions that can impact your family. The best time to do estate planning is when you are well and not under pressure. We can use certain legal tools to make end-of-life transitions easier and avoid probate at the same time.

At the law firm of John C. Schaller, we have 45 years of experience helping a multitude of individuals in California with their legal needs. One of the tools with which we can help you is the trust. A trust accomplishes several things:

  • With your assets in a trust, you can avoid probate.
  • When you are living, your assets can be placed in a trust so that when you die or if you become very ill and incapacitated, your wishes regarding your property will be honored.
  • If nursing home becomes necessary for medical reasons, having your assets in a trust can make it easier for you to qualify for MediCal.
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One of the many considerations with a trust is that it is executed properly. We are familiar with several types of trusts. At our law firm, we make certain that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed because accuracy is critical to upholding the trust.

Estate Planning Lawyer

As a Chico lawyer for last wills and testaments, John C. Schaller will listen carefully to your needs and desires and provide you with not only the required documents, but also the wise advice of a seasoned legal professional. When important decisions need to be made, it is comforting to have trusted advice and experience on your side.

A flat fee is available for wills and other selected services. Contact us to learn more. .

The types of estate planning issues with which we can help you include:

  • Asset protection and business succession planning
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Durable powers of attorney or power of attorney for finances to pay your bills if you are hospitalized
  • Estate administration or litigation for contested wills and other issues
  • Inheritance and estate tax planning
  • Last will and testament
  • Power of attorney for health care or living wills

MediCal Planning Assistance

MediCal is a safety net that can help you with long-term care and other medical payments. Denials are common and there is a limit on the amount of assets you or a spouse may have and still qualify for MediCal assistance. It can be difficult to navigate the system if one spouse is healthy and the other is in need of long-term care. It is important to plan ahead and not wait for an emergency to spur you into action. As your law firm, we will work with you to have everything in place to ensure that you or your spouse qualifies.

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